Offshoots by UpAhead No. 2

For our second Offshoot we’ve decided to go a slightly different route than Offshoot No. 1.

We want everyone to see the beauty of our little corner of the world. So, it’s been frustrating seeing people only having access to blurry and poorly composed images that look like they were taken with a 2008 cell phone 3 years ago, at night. To help remedy this pain, we decided make some of the photos we have of Ruston and the surrounding areas publicly available for anyone to use!


The images are stored on Wikimedia Commons so that anyone can access them. We have put them in the public domain (using CC0 license) so they are completely free to use however you like.

Go to our Offshoots Page to see the photos!

In Front of Remax.jpg

We can’t wait to see what y’all are able to do with these images! Let us know if you use one (you don’t have to if you don’t want to, we just want to see how people are using the images). Additionally, you may have noticed how we don’t have a specific name for this projects, right now it’s just “Offshoot No. 2”. Honestly, we haven’t thought of one we liked so we decided to let y’all come up with one! If you have an idea for a name for this project, write it in the comments or tell us on Facebook/Instagram!

Check back everyone once in a while too, because we’ll continue to update the photos as we take more shots for the websites we design!