So, What's This About?


At UpAhead, we’re very much about contributing to the communities in which we live. Both Dylan and I decided, separately, to remain in Ruston after graduating from Louisiana Tech University. We stayed in Ruston because we recognized that this was a community that was fighting to become an example of what the future of Louisiana can look like. By creating attractive and effective websites for businesses and nonprofits alike, UpAhead adds to this fight through increasing the ability for our clients to engage with the community. They can better serve their populations whether that’s selling a product that improves quality of life or providing assistance for basic life needs to the underserved.

But we want to do more than simply design websites for our clients. We want to champion them! We want to celebrate the successes and teach from the lessons we encounter as UpAhead grows. And the vehicle we’ve decided to do this through is our blog, aptly named “Up To Something.”

With each post, we’ll let y’all know what we’re up to. Whether it’s running through a recent website we designed, a spotlight feature on one of our designers or clients, a behind the scenes of our work, or something else entirely that we just really want to share. Up To Something will be another way that we build up the communities that UpAhead is and will become a part of.

Join us on this grand adventure as we embark into the future of Louisiana. Who know’s what waits for us UpAhead?